Behind the creation of a jewel, there is a whole team of experts, working in a harmonious balance between art and technique, precision and passion. Our artisans work with their hearts and think with their hands: you can recognize the artisan behind each object in every small detail and this is the secret of the uniqueness of our pieces.

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A jewel comes from the idea of the designer, who draws numerous sketches until reaching the perfect balance between shape, volume and colours.
The project is then passed on to the prototyping department, where they create a 3D-Model and a version of the object in synthetic polymer, in order to conduct a feasibility study together with the designer.
The artisan has the task of preparing a wax copy of each component of the jewel by using a 3D printer or a silicone mould. Plaster is then poured inside a cylinder in order to obtain a negative for each wax model.
Gold, copper and silver are melted at high temperatures in order to obtain 18-kt gold, which is later poured from the melting pot into the cylinder and, according to the ancient method of the lost wax casting, it expands into the cavities.
The goldsmith meticulously puts his finishing touch to the various parts obtained from the casting and assembles them, transforming them into the final product. Now a jewel is born: the piece finally comes to life and the harmonious structure is revealed.
Our team of gemmologists carefully selects the best precious stones according to clarity, cut and colour, in order to enhance the beauty of the shapes of the object. Each stone is just like a piece of a mosaic.
Stone setters mount the precious stones on the jewels. The work is done manually with a scorper, according to tradition. The introduction of the microscope allows the artisan to be more precise.
After rigorous quality controls, each item is marked and polished for the last time. This process, which takes place several times before and after the setting, helps reveal the jewel in all its splendour.