Merletti Collection

The gifted hands of the master craftsmen at Leo Pizzo bring to life precious jewels that illuminate the woman, the focus for all our creations. The embellishments in gold and diamonds that adorn her, evoke a long standing and uniquely Italian tradition of textile manufacturing, which gives each piece of jewelry its unique value and originality. It's easy to be seduced by the elegance of lace and the beauty of its intricate weave. In emulating this look, we created jewels using the same meticulous artistic process, in an harmonious continuum. Each piece of jewelry created by Leo Pizzo for their new Merletti collection, has a romantic feel that gives the wearer a magical allure. This intangible magic pervades our latest advertising campaign, where refined designs trace figures of light and shadow on the model’s face, a game of contrasts, so in character with the feminine spirit.  

Earrings: 30.664€

Pendant: 15.451€


Available at our boutiques in Milan, Rome and Taormina or:

Alberto Angelico Atelier - Bari (BA)
Aros Gioielli - Cassino (FR)
Boldrin Gioielli - Venezia (VE)
Caroceli Preziosi - Modena (MO)
Camparini - Parma (PR), Reggio Emilia (RE)
Curnis Gioielli - Bergamo (BG)
Damiano Parati - Arezzo (AR)
De Pascalis Gioielli - Lecco (LC)
Francesco Fatone Gioielleria - Andria (BT)
Gioielleria Benetti - Verona (VE)
Gioielleria Cavone Pignatelli - Taranto (TA)
Gioielleria Celluprica - Roma (ROMA)
Gioielleria Di Somma - Sorrento (NA)
Gioielleria Gaddi - Grado (GO), Vicenza (VI)
Gioielleria Giorgini - Cervia (RA)
Gioielleria Gstader - Bressanone (BZ)
Gioielleria Ranzi - Bolzano (BZ)
Gioielleria Valedoboni - Lecce (LE)
Gioielli Spallucci - Trani (BT)
Gioielleria Zanellato - Isola di Albarella, Rosolina (RO)
Iacovone Gioielli - Matera (MT)
Il Gioiello - Schio (VI)
Italico Ronzoni - Udine (UD)
Lord Gioielli - Massafra (TA)
Malalan - Ljubljana (SI), Zagreb (HR)
Maniglia - Monteroni di Lecce (LE)
Massimo Gioielli - Foggia (FG)
MR Gallery - Fondi (LT)
Napolitano 1928 Gioiellieri - Picerno (PZ)
Oro E’ - Roma (ROMA)
Pace Gioielli - Ostuni (BR)
Palma Gioielli - Roma (ROMA)
Ripa Gioielli - Taranto (TA)
Sergio Capone Gioielli - Pisa (PI)
Stefania Tedeschi Gioielli - Cerignola (FG)
Volta S.p.a. - Voghera (PV)

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