Our Values

The philosophy of our company embodies the ethical, social, environmental values as well as those concerning the workers’ rights shared by the Pizzo family, who commits to integrate them into daily operations and decision-making.

It is vital to establish relationships based on trust both with the customers and with the member of our company. We believe in work as a means of personal fulfillment, regardless of race, religion and gender and the well-being of our collaborators, also in terms of salary, is our priority. We never wanted to delocalize the production because of the high concentration of specific skills that we can find on the territory. By outsourcing, we would irreparably lose this competitive advantage.

Valenza gives us the privilege to do a wonderful job, therefore we want to show the local community our gratitude. To do this, we chose to sell selected jewels online for charity purposes and a part of the money raised is donated to AVIS association, a non-profit volunteering association of Valenza pursuing aims of solidarity and sanitary assistance on the territory.

We are also co-founders of "Mani Intelligenti", a start-up born from the concrete needs of eighteen companies in Valenza sharing the same goal: to face the generation gap and train new generations of goldsmiths.

We support various forms of artistic expression, as well, through "Credere nella creatività" (Believing in Creativity), a project aiming to foster the creations of the students from the Cellini art institute in Valenza.

"We firmly believe in the 'Made in Italy' and we want to be among the promoters of Italian creativity, so famous all around the world." (Rosaria Di Giorgio)