Family Values

The company philosophy, inspired by excellence, has embodied for the past half century the values ​​shared by the Pizzo family: social commitment has always been in the spirit of the brand.

For us the concept of responsibility could be translated first of all in the search for the highest quality. A very strong bond connects us to the district of Valenza where we operate, guarantee throughout the world of manufacturing tradition and training of the best resources in the goldsmith's field. We never wanted to relocate the production because of the very high concentration of specific skills that could be found in the territory and the real possibility of research and development offered. The ability to attract the best talents allowed us to build a company internationally appreciated over the years.

The care and attention placed in creating a relationship based on trust are the principles on which the corporate strategy is based: for us is important to establish lasting bonds over time, both with customers and with our collaborators. We have chosen to innovate the production processes by applying to the work since the beginning the most recent technologies but with full respect for tradition, a balance in which our master craftsmen recognize themselves because they are authentic connoisseurs of the goldsmith's art.

Another crucial element is the careful selection of raw materials, which takes place in full compliance with the strictest procurement criteria. In fact, we use only suppliers that adhere to the Kimberley Process, a protocol that guarantees ethicality up to processing and certifies that the mining activity is not operated by non-governmental organizations to develop actions against the government of the country.

The town gives us the privilege to do a wonderful job and we therefore wish to share our luck to show gratitude to the collectivity. For this reason, the Pizzo family chose to sell for charity purposes some selected jewels; part of the proceeds will go to AVIS (Associazione Volontari Italiani del Sangue), a non-profit voluntary association pursuing objectives of solidarity.

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